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Today’s economy allows only professional mediators and brokers to profit although virtually everyone is involved in the business of mediation and brokering. We need to develop a new economy that allows anyone to play a role regardless of age, color, status, education, etc.

Let’s provide people with the power to earn money. Effective help has a value and anyone can play a part.

What is Fillip?

Fillip is a market place for crowd recruitment, allowing companies to attract nonprofessional crowd recruiters to help them fill a job position by publishing a JobPost that includes the open position and the reward the company is willing to pay for a successful hire.


Who are we?

We are Nir, Gil, and Erez and our journey began in 2015. It was the time when completely understood that superior power lies in the hands of the people. They do not have to seek for bigger enterprises just to get connected with each other. This calls for a dramatic change in the relationship between the customer and agents or mediators in a commercial world. We realized that a platform can make significant changes in the world.

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